Day by day the technology is taking a step forward in printing standards of woven polypropylene bags. We offer the latest technology in printing of Woven Polypropylene Bags (WPP Bags). This process is a bit different from the Flexographic printing in which the desired image/words were being transferred directly onto the WPP rolls / bags / fabric; where as in this process a thin film of BOPP is passed through Gravure process to obtain the sharp and accurate image and then laminated onto the WPP Bag.

It can be produced in glossy and matt finishes; amongst which mostly demanded is glossy finish. Sanofi Technofab produces the fabric in a tubular form where the film is laminated to the fabric on both sides / single side according to requirement.Related artwork is prepared in particular computer applications by the experienced designers in which any type of photographic image can also be printed; which gives a characteristic look which enhances packaging experience; when compared to the normal WPP bags. Our Design, Manufacturing & Service team has in-depth knowledge and expertise with this product used for grains, pulses, corn, feeds to name a few and is able to advise the best ways to maximize the packaging effect.

We offer 100% custom designed BOPP Laminated Polypropylene woven bags / sacks as per the desired specifications.

salient feature(s):

Plain or gusset, Top open or valve, bottom single or double fold stitched (Can be produced in many different sizes.
Water-resistant and moisture-proof due to laminated properties
Can be offered in Gusseted form
Double side printing can be offered – up to 8 colours
Durable and tear-resistant, seepage proof
Sewn with high quality multifilament white/coloured yarn
Available in a wide variety of design combinations / custom tailor-made designs
Customized dimensions, designs and colours according to needs
100% Environmental-friendly – Recyclable


Tuber and Flat

Fabric Width

30 cm to 140 cm

BOPP Finish

Gloss, Matte, Metallic

Lifting Styles

D-punch & Plastic handle

GSM Range

30 GSM to 240 GSM

Environment Friendly

100% reusable and recyclable product


Toluene-free Inks, Rotogravure printing upto 8 colours

Product Packaging Size

5-50 kg for small bags 500 kg – 1Ton for FIBC bags

FIBC Bag Types

U-panel, Circular, 4-panel, Baffle & Conical bottom


Corona pre-treatment for BOPP films

UV protection and anti-aging function

Available in multiple colours

Perforation for breathability

Anti-skid printing


Sugar bag
Seed bag
Fertiliser Bags
Cement bags