Do you run a farm and need proven technologies for packaging products? Or maybe you deal with the distribution of food products and want to pack your products in accordance with the highest standards? Raschel bags are the optimal solution as they are strong, light-weight and can withstand long hours of transportation without any wastage or spillage. It also provides excellent ventilation and is resistant to any fungus or insects thus preserving the life of the packed content.

In the case of packing potatoes, apples, onions, carrots and other vegetables or fruits, a raschel bag will be much better than typical disposable bags, ensuring free access of fresh air, they are durable, extremely efficient, and in addition – very comfortable and available at attractive prices. Leno Bags are specially woven and designed to maintain freshness of the packed goods by allowing air inside the bags to prevent inner moisture that may spoil the goods.

Available colours:

White, green, red, yellow, burgundy, orange, light orange, purple and many more colours.

Advantages of Leno/Raschel bags.

  • Durable
  • Allow the products to breathe.
  • Resistant to ambient temperature and humidity.


Tuber and Flat

Fabric Width

30 cm to 140 cm

BOPP Finish

Gloss, Matte, Metallic

Lifting Styles

D-punch & Plastic handle

GSM Range

30 GSM to 240 GSM

Environment Friendly

100% reusable and recyclable product


Toluene-free Inks, Rotogravure printing upto 8 colours

Product Packaging Size

5-50 kg for small bags 500 kg – 1Ton for FIBC bags

FIBC Bag Types

U-panel, Circular, 4-panel, Baffle & Conical bottom


Corona pre-treatment for BOPP films

UV protection and anti-aging function

Available in multiple colours

Perforation for breathability

Anti-skid printing


Sugar bag
Seed bag
Fertiliser Bags
Cement bags