PP/HDPE Woven bags (with/without liner) are the traditional bags used in packaging industry due to their wide variety of usage, flexibility and strength. PP/HDPE bags are easy to handle, cost efficient, durable, flexible and can be produced in any size and specification to pack a wide range of goods and are designed to prevent product loss and at the same time be attractive and easy to stack and handle. Our sacks are ideal for packaging in construction industry, agricultural industry, fertilizers industry, mining industry, cattle feed industry and so on.

Sanofi Sechnofab has in house printing facility with state of art technology with roll to roll printing of upto 6 colours on each sides, which in turn enable us to print the sacks as per costumers needs and requirements.

technical specifications

Materials Polypropylene
Bag Dimensions (Width) Width Offered – 12” to 49”
Bag Dimensions (Length) As per requirements
Mesh 9 x 9 to 14 x 14
Denier 400 Denier to 2200 Denier
Weight As per requirements
Lamination Offered on request (as per desired specification)
Top Side of Bag Plain, Cold Cutting, Zig Zag Cutting, Hemmed edges
Bottom side of Bag Single Fold / Double Fold
Single Stitch / Double Stitch
UV Stabilization Offered on request (as per desired specification)
Printing Maximum 6 colours offered, Printing can be offered in following combinations 6+0, 5+0, 4+0, 3+0, 2+0, 1+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3, 2+3, 2+2, 2+1
Strength We can match desired strength in warp & weft accordingly.
Elongation As per your requirement.
Packing As per your requirement.
Fabric Colour White / Natural / Checks Design / With Strips of different colours / as per your requirement.
Maximum Printing Area 760 mm X 1300 mm Six Colour Flexographic Printing
Customization You communicate – Sanofi Sechnofab makes it feasible.

Advantages Of PP/HDPE woven bags

Protects Products or Commodities, Ensuring Safe Storage
Extends The Shelf Life
Prevents Spoilage
Eco-Friendly And Pocket-Friendly
100% Reusable and Durable
Light In Weight and Flexible
Excellent Resistance to Stress and High Resistant to Cracking
Humidity And Dust Proof
Easy To Clean and Anti-Bacterial
Breathable Or Water Proof with a Laminated Film
Can Be coloured or Printed

  • 100% customized Woven PP Sacks
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Denier (thickness of woven polypropylene strands): 400 & above
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Printing upto 6 colours on each side with corona treatment
  • Tear resistant with persistent durability
  • Storing in the open area with UV-stability options
  • Twisted weave and anti-skid print to avoid slipping
  • Heat/Wave Cut & hemmed top
  • Flat or anti-slip weaving



Tuber and Flat

Fabric Width

30 cm to 140 cm

BOPP Finish

Gloss, Matte, Metallic

Lifting Styles

D-punch & Plastic handle

GSM Range

30 GSM to 240 GSM

Environment Friendly

100% reusable and recyclable product


Toluene-free Inks, Rotogravure printing upto 8 colours

Product Packaging Size

5-50 kg for small bags 500 kg – 1Ton for FIBC bags

FIBC Bag Types

U-panel, Circular, 4-panel, Baffle & Conical bottom


Corona pre-treatment for BOPP films

UV protection and anti-aging function

Available in multiple colours

Perforation for breathability

Anti-skid printing


Sugar bag
Seed bag
Fertiliser Bags
Cement bags